Let's get everyone on the same page in this thread.

In the midst of wherever this drama came from, let’s at least try to get everyone on the same page here. Face it, both users and mods/admins are kind of on different pages and don’t quite understand each other. Some will fight to not understand each other I’m sure.

I just want the mods/admins here that whether they think they are or not they at least SEEM like they’re actively driving people from the forum away.

If you have any opinion please post it here so we can understand you.


Not another one of these…

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I’m trying to keep it not one of those. If it turns into one I’ll just abandon ship. I just feel like everyone doesn’t understand each other.

Whats not to understand? It’s very simple. You’re just not listening. The dead horse is beaten to a pulp.



Now enough of this. Locked.