Let’s trade

(Bryant) #1

I will only trade for MINT yoyos (no scuffs,dings,anno flaws,machine marks ect.)
Looking for BiMetal but what do you have. I don’t want your 6 plastic yo-yos for one metal looking for equal value All yoyoz are in mint condition.
they will be shipped 2-3 days priority mail
with tracking
No trades outside the USA sorry

Clyw orca in algae bloom

Shu ta 7075 aluminum
Shu Takada (Gentry Stein)

2014 super star (pulsar 1 of 200)

2014 genesis (pulsar 1 of 200)



Werd Poo

(Bryant) #5

Would love to trade for a Artistry in titanium fixed axle. Might be able to add a little cash

(Bryant) #29

Hey guys. . Still looking for trades
Looking for a Mg
Duncan magnesium FHZ

(Bryant) #30

Does anyone have a minty Mg to trade with me ?
Help me out

(Bryant) #38

Bring it up again

(Bryant) #43

Bring up my post

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(Bryant) #61

Acryllion is sold