Let’s see your fireworks!

Show me your ordnance!!!

It’s a tradition around here to link all the fireworks together with a ton of sparklers! The misses is understandably concerned. :grin:


This is my son’s from a couple years ago. Does this regularly. It’s all computer controlled. Buys it at the end of the season for pennies on the dollar.

He lives in a small town in wisconsin. It’s all legal as long as he buys a $25 license from the town.


I grew up in Texas, and this is how I feel every year I go to a firework stand in California.

Cali is laaame when it comes to fireworks.


In Minnesota selling and using anything but sparklers and sparkler cones are illegal. In Wisconsin it’s legal to buy/sell them but not shoot them unless you have a display license. There are roadside stands that have stuff that would blow your car up for sale to the general public. And obviously the MN cops have the ones close to the border staked out.


If he just does this among friends, this is easily the largest amount ive seen in a backyard setup.

Here was my modest gathering of fireworks this year:


man, you lucky guy you. I <3 roman candles


That’s the case. He lives in a semi rural area and invites the neighbors, friends and his employees. Invites the neighbors in hopes that they won’t complain.


What an outstanding set up!

What are the best places/ways to get the end of season deals? Does he go to the stands or retail stores and offer to buy large lots? I’d be curious to know. I feel like for NewYears I need to go BIGGER!

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That’s awesome! Ive had a couple years where I thought I had a lot of fireworks, but I had like a 1/4 of that tops. Ive actually seen towns and small cities hire pros with less boom.

Yep, gotta get a bunch of roman candles! We usually have a roman candle fight, but the friends are starting to get old so we set them off like responsible adults. Still fun I guess, haha


This is a dream of mine


There are two fireworks dealers in his town. Medium sized operations. He waits until the end of the season and makes an offer. They usually take it because they don’t want to deal with storing them until the next year. Of course it helps that it’s a small town and he knows them both.

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