Anybody got their fireworks stash ready for the 4th?


Here’s mah stash for the 4th list of items(most are aerial fireworks except for the firecrackers): m90 firecrackers(5.99),roman candles(4.00),happy 16 shot(4.99),comet&bombette display 16 shot(4.99),happy 36 shot(8.99), At It Again 16 shot (8.99) and black cat cracking gold rocket(2.99)


no not us we don’t have valid fireworks in where we live no not at all not those fireworks that MD doesn’t have of course were not excited for the fourth of July were not going to a party and lighting that stuff off not at all…


Fireworks are illegal without a permit here. :frowning: Luckily I always have a pretty good view of the legal ones. ;D


I’ve got illegal fireworks where I’m from. Pennsylvania is full of sissies and were only allowed to use like fountains and sparklers, nothing that explodes is legal. So I went to West Virginia and got some M-90s a few weeks ago.


MD has some similar laws but even then yours are looser than ours even then my dad goes to firework shops in Tennessee when he’s on a vacation trip for the fireworks.


thats how I feel here at North Carolina, but I went to myrtle beach,SC for firework shoppin.


I got some of those things that you drop and they pop really loud
Yeah, I feel pretty gangster


Last year I made a sparkler bomb. You basically tape a whole pack of sparklers together, add a fuse, light it and run. Haha


Yeah, here in Texas, at least where I live, fireworks are illegal without a permit. At least we have some pretty nice fireworks shows around the area.

That doesn’t sound dangerous at all… :smiley:


I don’t know if full blown fireworks are legal in ohio, but on the 4th we usually throw smoke bombs in the streets, and into sewers to make the sewers spew out colored smoke


That’s the greatest thing ever.


A big pack of them, lots of fountains, morning glory, jade fountain and lots more!


no aerials and explosives?