Legato or Vacation?

So I decided on the Vacation or the Legato as my next bimetal. I’m looking for a throw that’s more flowy tech oriented, floaty, somewhere between speedy & slow, stable but not too much & just all around fun. If you have any throw that you can recommend that aren’t either of the 2 throws I mentioned, name them.

I like the legato more, it’s super light and fun

Is it floaty & somewhere in between fast & slow?

That sounds on point. Has that beautiful “hollow” 7075 feel. Very agile. The Vacation looks like a Space Cowboy; maybe it plays similarly to one, for reference.

I personally tried the Vacation & it felt floatier than other bimetals to me. So how speedy & zippy is the Legato?

Would the Axis Ex fit the requirements for my next bimetal?

The Ex hasn’t done it for me. I’ve thrown it a few times; feels like there’s too much weight in the middle or something; felt a little sluggish coming off the string. Might just be me though, as others seem to love them.

K, have you thrown the Vacation?

BTW, how speedy & zippy is the Legato.

Here’s a review of the Legato:

Here’s a review of the Vacation:

You’ll be able to find some more reviews by using the search bar if you would like more opinions.  These should tell you how each yoyo plays and that should help you decide.

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I love my legato