legacy dyeing

dyeing legacy what should i use to remove caps ???

You can buy some suction cups at walmart or something, you can find some in the toilet. The stuff you use to hang your toothbrush, towels, Toy gun ammo etc. Just look around. If you have no way to find one, use duct tape. Everything is possible with duct tape :wink:

can u post a vid on how will tape

can u put them right back on

Yes you can put them back on, just fit them, and press them in.

Just fold a piece of duct tape in half or something, but leave around 1/2 inch remaining on each half. Then, just put them onto the yo, and pull it off.

That might be a problem…

You can’t Dye Celcon, it just doesn’t dye very well.

and the Wieght Rings…

Hey, if your dye is successful, let me know. Because I can’t get celcon to dye.
I think its because celcon is chemical resistent.