Legacy bind help!!

ok so i got my legacy today and its throws like a dream. but one problem is whenever i do a trick and try to bind up unless its is still spinning incredibly fast i wont bind. Please Help… Thanks in advance ;D

I had the same problem when i got my legacy about a month ago.

from what do you try to bind? a breakaway or a normal sleeper?

from a breakaway the easyest way to bind it is a backspin bind (for me it is the easyest way) (like in this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFsoDzCLxxQ)
a double bind should do the trick too, a single normal bind didnt work for me.

from a normal sleeper a trapeze like bind should work fine, else a backspinbind should do the trick.

also keep in mind to ‘‘throw’’ the loop down with your non-throwhand and tug with your throwhand, this way it is more likely that the sting wil hit the response pads, and it should also increase the amount of friction the string creates, making it more likely to come back.

hope this will help you out.