Leaving YoYoExpert. Seriously, this is not like a vacation thread. I'm leaving..


For a month. :wink:

Yes, Ramadan has started! So I’m aiming to be much more religious this Ramadan. So I won’t be on YYE as much.

I’ll come on occasionally, but I won’t be posting as much. I’ll be fasting as well.
As my immediate replacement, go to gm user. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cya guys later! :slight_smile:

(yoyos r uber cool, and i cant get it to sleep, so shud i haxors it?) <----- I reference you may not get.

(Mitch) #2

Good luck Samad!

(SR) #3

Aww… we will miss you! Can’t wait until you come back! But um… Unrelated Discussion maybe?


Look at the reference.

(SR) #5

Ah… I get it.


Haha that last part was funny.

You stole my thread title idea! Thief! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun with your Ramadan stuff.

(J. Lev) #7

Good luck!


Good luck man! Don’t you guys like fast for a month? Eat and drink nothing for a month?

(Mitch) #9

I think its just sun-up to sun-down

(SR) #10

Yeah, when can you eat?


i think you cant eat from like 7am to8pm or something like that


I feel honored I am the replacement of Samad… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck Samad!

(Yo!It&#039;sMatt) #13

Igght dude! :smiley:
Good lucky!


Google it. Google is a wonderful thing, and very useful.

This year, its like 4:30AM to 7:30PM


Good luck! So, you not coming back here?

Happy Throwing! =]


Ouch long days this time of year. Hope to see you tomorrow, better keep you in the shade to preserve the hydration.

(JonasK) #17

As long as you don’t permanently leave Samad, just come back and good luck.


here its from 4:36 to 6:49


Ummm… hehe… uhh… what is Ramadan? I guess it is something religious judging by the context and stuff… No food for a whole day OMG AHHHHHHHHH! Poor Samad… I bet it will be hard for him- one time I was asking him a question in chat and I think he almost ditched me just for breakfast… So horrible. A whole day… well good luck with Ramadan(whatever that is) and can’t wait til you get back bye!

(JonasK) #20

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims don’t eat or drink from dawn until dusk during this whole period. Which means that one can only eat when the sun has gone down. It allows Muslims to learn self-disiplin and such. This month is of great importance in the Islamic religion.

Addment: Most people also learn about this in school.