Ok guys selling some stuff, but if you have a painted peak for sale let me know.

Heres what i got:

Chesterman Beach Peak. This guy has some small marks, but hes an amazing player! Amazing color, comes with a steel KK and box.

5Star (2nd run, lg/dg). This guy has small marks and scratches along the rims, but its not a beater. It was like my “opps dropped it in the sand, whatever” yo-yo. Still plays like new. No box. 60 Shipped O.B.O Maybe pending

Pure VSOP: This guy has a bunch of pin pricks and scuffs all around the rims, nothing a good polish would not fix. A great player, with box and pouch. 125 Shipped O.B.O

LE purple clear and silver splash. DEAD SMOOTH, amazing player. Near mint, but i play this thing hard. I really love this thing, but if i need to get rid of it for an OG peak, i will. With box. 160 Shpped

Gung-fu, orange and white rimmed, first run. Small marks. Ok player. 50 Shipped

I take Paypal and money order, if you have less feedback you ship/pay first.


Also i doubt anyone is into it, but here is my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34940232@N02/ and if you want i could throw in a cardboard, for free.

Thanks guys,
jeremy g

Ps. If you need pics or anything let me know. Ill get em asap, but only if you are serious about this.

Pics up!