Done for now.

Hey everyone, I’m in search of Peaks considering its what I love/only to play with (aside from BvsMs). If you have any you’re willing to part with one (or two ), I have some yo-yos to trade.

I am really only looking for Peaks. I don’t really want to trade for anything else. If you really want to just buy one of my yo-yos, PM me. However, I prefer to either be trading for or buying a Peak.

Peaks I’m looking for (preferably mint):
Clown Town I/II
28 Stories V2
Lava Peak

Name your price for whatever peak you want to sell (or money + yo-yo from below)

I also have these that may be of interest:
Red BB’d Stardust V2 - good condition, two small marks on one rim, one little smudge on the other (PM me about this yo-yo, we’ll have to talk)Sold!
GM2 - Blue SE, has some marks tiny marks on the rims and a slight wobble, plays great!
Hulk Smash Marmot - One ding on the rim that’s large but not too deep, and a tiny mark on the other rim Pending!
Flea V1 - the original little guy, mint (will come with extra axle and black k-pads, but no string)
RSL - Lots of dings and some wobble, BUT has an amazing EZO bearing, plays like a dream
Atmosphere - One scrape on one rim, plays really solid and heavy, has yellow k-pads

Modder Fodder (for those of you who want it):
Stargazer - one good half and one dead half, lots of marks, but only a couple dings
2009 G5 - That really funky one, Many marks and some dings, severe wobble, but plays ok



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