Lcw11635 not a good trader

So, I get a message from him saying he will trade me his chief for my code1 + something else. I was coutious about going forth with the trade because of his 2 negative feedback but he agreed to ship first so i went ahead with it. So after a little negotiating it is just chief for code 1. We exchange addresses and everything is going smoothly. I get two messages telling me he will ship Monday, i don’t reply to them because i didn’t feel the need to. Then today i check out his bst and see that he says the chief is back up for trade. I pm’d him to see whats up. This is what i received back: “Finnaly! I have messaged you 7 times. I’ve been getting a lot of offers on the chief. Are you still in because if not there is a Citrus Fade Code2 waiting for me.” This is not true, i replied to all his pm’s except the ones about him shipping Monday. So he backed out of this trade and never notified me about it, and now is trading the chief for something else.

Ummm, did you read this?,41903.msg404690.html

Probably best all around for you.

yes, saw that

Is that even his Chief?

Most likely since he has yoyo videos showing all of his yoyos. under yoyoman11635

I just had a deal with him and he performed flawlessly. I’ll deal with him anytime! Not making lite of anyone elses situation but I treat folks the way they treat me and he’s OK as far as I’m concerned.

I know this is kinda late but I confirmed he did trade his Chief for a Code 2. ;D