Lateral Caps Help


Does anyone know how to put lateral caps in the rextreme? I just got them in the mail today and I’ve tried everything to get them to stay in. Yes I have removed the side caps… Do you just push them on? I just can’t seem to get it.

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I wish i could give you better news but lateral caps are only for the quest and maybe a few others but if you figure out away to do it please post it. :slight_smile:


It says lateral caps can fit into the rextreme…


It says on the most recent run of the rextreme…not sure if the changed the cup design or not


Thanks for your help! I’ve tried to put them in for a good 2 hours with no luck and gave up. I though by recent run of rextreme they just ment it as a way of saying their newest offstring yoyo. I guess they did change them a bit very very recently considering I bought my rextreme maybe 2-3 months ago.


On this page it says that only the green with green rims ReXtreme is compatible with Lateral Caps


Thanks! I’m very glad I got a solid answer, I just wish they’d mention it on the lateral caps page :frowning: oh well maybe I can trim them to fit in some other yoyo


No problem. And maybe they just updated the page or something, because it says it on the Lateral Caps page now


I bet Andre saw this.  :wink:


Hey if you don’t want your caps i would buy them from you.


Haha yeah they did change it on most websites now, I also posted on yoyojams Facebook with no response! Well 3$ isn’t to much to waste, and since I got a new yoyo with stacks at the same time I’m well entertained :slight_smile:


I’d give you them if I could, but I’m not too familiar with shipping and mailing sorry.


It actully is for the rextreme AND quest so far. So I thought that was pretty cool. Is it the newest run of rextremes?



Just the most recent one, but you can turn them into a nice large pair of hubstacks if your stuck with ones you can’t use. Just drill a half inch hole in the middle of them and fix some of the smaller nub z-stacks inside the hole and glue it in. Makes perfect hubstacks for my turbofly now so it was a good investment haha