Lateral Caps

Do lateral caps fit in any non-YYJ yoyo’s? If so which ones?

They fit in the Quest, Go Big and Extreme I think

They fit supernovas but you literally can’t get them out. I had to break mine to get them out.

Supernova, but

Quest, 2012 ReXtremes,Theory has them, Go Big…

Do you own a pair? Measure them and see what they fit…

Dude, quit copying people on what they say, it gets really annoying and if you don’t know you don’t know just leave it at that.

They fit in the Collid3r but they are really hard to take out.

Also the YoYoJam Destiny.

Didn’t Kieran put em inside out? :stuck_out_tongue:

But iyoyo58, they do fit in the new ReXtremes.

Forgot collid3r.

Who did I copy?

Oh! I made a typo 2013…

I used to have an echo with a lateral cap in it. fits perfectly :slight_smile: