Help with ReXtreme 2 Lateral Caps

How do you attach them properly?

Just pop them in!

If you haven’t already you need to remove the already existing caps.

You can try a suction cup, but some materials that YYJ makes some caps out of doesn’t suction to a suction cup.

If it comes out with a suction cup, or shows suction. Then take it out and put the lateral cap where the old one was.

If it doesn’t come out with suction cup (and shows NO suction at all) then try this…

Use ductape.

Cut a small piece of ductape. Long enough to cover the cap, and have more hanging so you can pull it.

Attach and smoothen out the tape covering as much of the cap as possible.

The. Let it sit for a few minutes and then PULL!

If it still doesn’t come off…

Get a thumbtack. Poke a small hole in the cap. Its best if you do this inside a letter or design so you cant tell the hole is there. Poke the tack all the way in, and then rock it back and forth until the cap starts to pop out.

Let us know what happens!

Version 2’s caps are different from the first versions caps, do you know how to Ver 2 caps out?