Help with Lateral Cap removal in Next Level Sora Edition

Soooo I am installing lateral caps into my new Next Level and the first one I got in perfectly. Its flat and even all around. The second one though, I pushed a little too hard and it went into the cap slanted. I tried pushing on the side that is more up to even it out but because the bottom of the cap is touching the yoyo, it wont budge. Any advice on how to remove it to start again or what to do to correct it? I tried using a suction cup but its not strong enough. Normally I wouldnt mind but because its slanted the yoyo is now vibing like crazy

Try using a suction cup. It’s how people remove the caps on some YYJs.

He said a suction cup isn’t strong enough. ^

Suction cups or duct tape are the usual methods. If that doesn’t work use a sharp pointed object and pry them out working around the edges. With the suction cup it helps to wet it first. Makes it stick better.

The lateral caps fit pretty tight, especially if it’s in crooked. Your best bet is drilling a little hole near the edge where it won’t effect performance and just pry it out with a paper clip or something.