LAST DAY - (rare SPYY, YYF, OD, rare Duncan)

Message me with offers. Discounts for bulk purchases.

Row 1:

Fiesta- pretty beat up as you would expect from offstring play. Missing cap on one side.

Hyper Freehand-Translucent Red, printing is fading on one cap and you can definitely tell this has been played with, but overall pretty good condition. Needs spacers and bearing $20 shipped

Trainwreck (purple and green)- needs new bearing $40 shipped

Hyper Freehand-Yellow, played with but really good condition $35 shipped

GM2-Boyd v Augie Ectoplasm edition. Really beat. Vibrates. No bearing. $30 shipped

Row 2:

M1-really, really beat. New custom axle $20 shipped

Protostar-a few flatspots, guts don’t work - free with any purchase

Yuuksta-a couple of scuffs but overall really good condition. No bearing. $25 shipped

Transitional Freehand Zero-are transitional colorway, beatifulful yoyo, couple of dings, crack in one cap, needs spacers $35 shipped

Powdercoated Trainwreck-powdercoated edition, super rare, a couple of spots where the finish came off but overall great condition, no bearing or response $80 shipped

Row 3:

2007 AYYA 888-lots of scratches and a few dings $45 shipped

PGM-no weight rings and really beat up, but still a great player $20 shipped

MVP-mint except for one small ano flaw

Project-fair $45 shipped

Velocity-definitely played with, but not bad condition - free with any purchase

Would u sell the mvp seperatly

^ no it is already sold