Lariat, Double Dragon, Moebius, just how many sub styles of 1A are there?

I was watching a cabin tutorials episode where Jensen was performing a trick in his “Lariat” sub style, and it got me thinking. How many sub styles of 1A are there?

The only ones i can remember right now are Moebius, Lariat, and Double Dragon. Anyone got others?

What Cabin Tut was that?

OMG! “1/2 A” XDD I cant believe my eyes.

1/2 A… I’ve done it accidentally before.

So has my friend, it was hilarious lol

What is lariat?

Tourniquet is the proper word for it.

Ahhh I know that style then :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

Yeah, my bad! For some reason i got those two words confused.

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isnt double dragon kinda an unofficial 6A?