Large Bearing


How long does it take to brake in a large bearing?

Will thin lube Help in making your yoyo spin longer?


It depends on how much you play, and what kind of bearing it is. If it is a 10 ball, probably a few weeks. If it is a YYJ standard bearing, probably less than a week if you play often.

No it won’t make it spin longer, it will make it spin shorter, unless the yoyo already has thick lube in it.


breaking in a bearing depends on how much you play. someone who plays a lot will probably break it in in about 2 to 3 hours. someone who doesnt, it may take a week or two.
and as for the thin lube, if you clean your bearing it makes it quieter and helps the balls in the bearing last longer. it will spin longer than one with thick lube but not as long as a dry (no lube and cleaned) bearing. but it is always a good idea to lube your bearings.