Large bearing free hand zero?

How do you do it? I have seen them for sale, but I dont know how to make it.

You need a lathe and an SPR kit.

Or a set of Dif-e-yo spacers. :wink:

Frank used to sell a kit to put a large bearing KK in a FHZ. Unfortunately they’re no longer available. They basically replaced the stock bearing seat/spacer.

I’ve never seen a set of those spacers in person. Did they simply press in, or did you need to cut?

They just replace the stock bearing seat. Fits right in.

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Jrod, a KK had be used though, because obviously, the bearing doesn’t touch to the plastic. A flat would result in the string slipping between the spacer and the bearin/yoyowall.

Not really. You get the same type of situation with the thick brass spacers. The bearing to bearing seat gap is not that big. Never had the string slip into the gap.

I used a drill press and a large cutting bit to put Protostar spacers in mine.

Protostar spacers were an excellent idea Mike!

Thanks ;D

I do have to admit, the bearing was grabbing a little on the side walls and when I tried to fix it I messed it up. So if I hit the ground, or anything for that matter, the bearing has a tendency to shift and get stuck. One of these days I’m going to redo it.