Landed my first fingerspins!


I’ve never ever been able to get a successful fingerspin and bind, but I just landed one! Such a cool trick! :smiley:


I was pretty excited when I landed my first too, now Fingerspins is my favorite trick ;D

(major_seventh) #3

<3 fingerspins


Well, SOMEONE likes fingerspins… Get it?! Haha




could i geta quick tip on finger spins? i have such a problem getting that stability that everyone else gets :-[


I don’t have really any tips on the actual fingerspin. I can only help you with the bind part.


Try to spin it on your Finger nail, or with a glove.
Less friction/contact with skin=Longer spin and stability.
Also finger spinning on a yoyo without a flat hub or something in the center like a spike will be difficult.(Ex. Shutter=Good, Protostar=Not Good) Not saying it Can’t be done, but saying it will be very difficult.