Laceration X (super slow, top down camera angle)

Armani G-W already has a tutorial for this trick, but felt it could use a complimentary top down in super slow motion to help you see the mechanical breakdown from another angle.

Recorded on HTC One M8 with slow motion setting (120fps at 1280x720, at 1/4 speed). I then slowed it down half that speed in video editor to 1/8th speed (after my throw).

Can’t remember which two links are the ones friendliest to mobile users so I’ll put all three variants here just in case.

Link to Armani G-W’s tutorial:

My personal advice for this trick:

  • Whip the string through/beyond your thumb
  • Get that string connected to your throw hand as quick as you can back under the yoyo after you whip it



Nice slow motion view for this trick! I too have the HTC One M8, but I’ve never really used the slow motion setting on it. I’ll have to play around with it sometime!

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Thanks! You have some nice tutorials, so I imagine you could make good use of it!