1.5 Hook Slow Motion Tutorial


Filmed with my new GoPro, first person point of view, it’s my first slow motion video and tutorial! Feedback is appreciated, hope you like it!



Does anyone know how to get the video to show in this thread, not just the link? ???


Don’t know the answer to the embedding question, but that video was boss. Slow motion, and from the only angle that really matters. :wink: An audience-view angle is a nice bonus, but this is what really counts.


Thanks! I plan on making more of these type of videos.


I just discovered that you should not watch this video in 1080p because it lags/skips frames. Watch it in 240-720p(At the highest) or even easier, set the quality to auto and it should work just fine.


Awesome! When I first tried this I was like what the heck, how did he do that lol. It all on the throwhand pointer hitting right before the yoyo! Excellent Tutorial! And to embed the movie you hit the Insert Flash button and put the video link in the middle.


To embed it, leave out the ‘s’ in ‘https’. Or just leave off the ‘https’ all together.

Not sure of the reason, but C doesn’t like embedding secure protocols.


Love the Puma socks lol. For some reason its the only socks I wear haha


I love mine too! They’re really soft and comfortable. So I wear them when I film lol.


Just wondering, I have been doing this trick for a few days now, should it land in a normal 1.5 mount or were the loop in the yoyo is crossed a bit. Like i cant just pop out if it like a normal 1.5 I have to do what you do in the video to get out of it. Am I doing it right lol


Yes. Yes you are. You should not land in a normal 1.5 mount, the name of this trick is a little misleading. To dismount you can do what I did in the video or drop it.


Well then good, I am doing it right and thank you for teaching me!


Could you relink it I can’t click it (I’m on an iPod)


I put a link under the video in the original post, hope that helps!