New camera view

I tried a new view for me, i hope to use in future vids.
I hope you guys enjoys

Cool view just a little fast for me. (Hard for me to keep up with what’s going on…)

Coo view! It’s like a headcam view. I also really like your yoyoing. Perfect speed, and smoothness. Nice style! :smiley:

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I wish the camera was a bit higher so I could see more side to side. But that’s hard to do unless you’ve got a really tall friend standing behind you, or you have a really tall stand with a boom arm on it and you’ve got some sort of Gorilla type mount or some other somewhat specialized mount to attach the camera to it. Affordable tripods aren’t going to have those kind of options, especially in the height department. You have to get something like an American DJ LTS-2 stand and the adjust the T_bar out and then use a Gorilla tripod to mount your camera on. While I like the American DJ LTS-2 stand, even for it’s affordable price, unless you’re doing a LOT of this stuff for videos, it’s not a wise purchase. I have 4 of them, but I also do lighting with my sound production so they get lots of use.

I think the concept is great. If I were doing videos, I’d want to do a front angle, side angles from each side(as and if necessary, some aren’t), and then a “from the player’s perspective”, which is what this one is. What I like about this video is I can see what you’re doing and HOW you’re doing. What I dislike is that I’m nowhere near a level where I should even TRY to do what you’re doing(got a long ways to go). This angle is great because of that.

The problem with a true headworn position is movement. This is a great minimal compromise. I’d say I want to see some more.

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lol this video just made me think what if you were to like wear a gopro camera and angle it down

Thanks guys.
The camera wasn’t high enough, but that was the best thing that i could do.
I might be making a video using this camera view. I’m also looking for different camera view.
Got any ideaS??

hes wearing a cancer awareness bracelet. how far have those spread?

anyways. i kinda like the angle to be honest.