HTC One Slow Motion Recording


I promise you I don’t generally wear sunglasses inside, nor do I actually think I’m super awesome for pulling this off (as indicated by my pointing at the camera at the end) I was just goofing around with my brother.  That being said, my brother and myself were visiting our mother in the hospital yesterday and I was throwing to kill the time.  My brother has a new HTC One cellphone that can record video in slow motion.  Fairly super slow motion, actually.  We were having a blast clowning around and recording various combos and stuff in slow-mo.  This was the only file that was small enough to be sent as a text so he texted it to me.  For a cell phone in slow motion this is pretty darn cool, in my opinion, and I can’t wait to record more slow-mo stuff.


Sorry to hear about your moms.

Cool video, though! Palm-grinding binds are my favourite right now… er… to watch. I’ve done ONE successfully and it was a fluke due to a semi-responsive bearing.

The slo-mo on the One is pretty good! When you do a full-on video, you should have the One as a secondary camera, capturing in slow-mo from a different angle, and then edit it in as appropriate!


How many fps?


My bro says that it recorded originally at 100 FPS, but with the slow down it is 96 FPS he thinks. It’s cool though.