L3 vs virus

I only got one questien L3 or virus? they are almost form the same company, but what do u have to say? ???

They are very different yoyos. Do you want an undersized throw or not?

I am not sure i understand what you mean?

He is trying to say do you want a big or small yoyo.

is it really that much bigger:

i tried to compere them on yoyonation

That link won’t do anything because it changes with the information you put in.

Yeah there’s quite a bit of difference. The Virus is sitting in around 55mm, whereas the L3 is right about 50.

L3 is 52 mm.
I have both, and they feel really diffrent.
The L3 is small, light and very fast.
While the virus is big, not as fast and stable.
Both are great yoyo, just had diferent character.
Pick the one you like.

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tank you!!! what type of Hubstack sould I use?