I’m having some SERIOUS trouble with Kwijibo.
Can you give me a walkthrough, through the whole trick?

There was a thread about it recently with some good tips in it.

Highly recommend using ^^^ grawrd’s tuts, very clear, very helpful.

I kept trying at this trick, couldn’t get it. Then I moved on to Cold Fusion then pwned at it.

start with trapeze
then pop the yo straight into the air
then cross your throwhand over your nonthrowhand and let the yo land on the string farthest from your body

swing the yo clockwise(this uncross your arms)
cross your nonthrowhand over your throwhand
pop the yoyo straight up into the air
take your nonthrowhand and bring it into the string to land in double or nothing

My biggest problem when first learning this trick was definitely the 1st pop. I found it helpful to check out some other videos on it and get some other perspectives (I think the grawrd video was the one that really sunk in for me). I found the only way I could get it was on the 1st pop, instead of popping it straight into the air, pop it more towards your throwhand. That will make swinging it back to land on the string MUCH easier (I still can’t do it while popping it straight up!). If you watch the YYE video, you’ll notice that when Andre first demonstrates it, he does it the way that I’m describing. After that, the rest of the trick will be a piece of cake :wink:

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