so, i am thinking of getting a kuntosh. Does anyone know the difference between the black finish vs. the hardcoat gray (other than the color of course). What does the hardcoat mean? Which is better for grinds?

also, did i read something that the hardcoat eats through the string faster? Or was that a different yoyo?



The black finish is a standard anodizing, but it’s been bead blasted. The hardcoat is a different way of anodizing. It’s a thicker and harder coating.

I have both of them, I think they both grind equally as well. Hardcoat “can” eat strings, but it depends on how it’s finished. I think the biggest one that got that reputation was the AntiYo Bapezilla 2. I personally think it had more to do with the blast that was done to those than the finish, but it was an easy fix. Just rub the catch zone on a leather belt or denim and it smoothed it, or like I did just play it and it smoothed out. I haven’t had any issues with my hardcoat Kuntosh eating strings.

The Kuntosh is an amazing yoyo, hope you can find one!


thanks for the info - do you have a preference for standard finish vs. hardcoat?


Finish between the standard Kuntosh and the Hardcoat feels very similar, the only way to really tell a difference is the color. I haven’t had any issues with string eating. But its all kinda academic because its going to be extremely hard to get one! ;D

As a side note, those blasted Kuntoshes look pretty sweet, if i could get a second one it would be one of those.


I like hardcoat. I’m a little rough with my yoyos so that finish holds up a little better.

But I’ve got 3 Kuntosh that have the blasted finish, and one hardcoat. Hoping that they do more hardcoats in the future ;D