DV888...Anodized vs. hardcoat?

Well it’s time… My friEnd gave me a (month late) birthday present today… Now I am very close to buying the Dv888… But it’s time to ask a tough question… I am torn between the army green hardcoat and the green ano (don’t worry I’m not asking for color recomendation :P) which is better In genral In your opinion? Like for grinds dings etc. Pros and cons would be helpful as well! Thanks!

well i personally think the hard coat looks wayyyyyyyyyy better then the ano but there are no more hardcoats

I just checked there are 8 here!!!

Apparently there are eight here.

no he just scared me I thought they were all gone I checked yesterday and whatever… That was completely off topic though…

woops my bad sorry

I’m assuming hardcoat is mroe resilient to dings so get hardcoat.

Hardcoat is actually a type of anodizing… the main difference being that it’s much thicker.

This results in a harder coating that is more resistant to wear and damage.

The side effect is that you tyipcally only get to have very dark colors… but if this doesn’t matter to you, the hardcoat is better on spec alone.


i would say hardcoat also because you wont get dings as esay because i hate when a get aq scratch on my yoyo