Kris Toledo's Whip to Reverse GT?


Hey guys, I do not have a Youtube channel, so I was hoping you guys, the experts, might be able to figure out how in the world the ninja vanish type reverse gt happens when he lets go of the loop from the keychain? I get that the loop comes off, but it seems like he disregards that and goes for the single string and does a ninja vanish, crossing under his th. I am totally lost. Any help on this killer trick is greatly appreciated.

Much respect.



Alright so I took a look and it’s pretty simple if you understand the concepts. You’ll need to know how to do an inverted ninja vanish by itself though, makes learning this a lot easier.


Thanks for taking a look. I have been trying the reverse nv tonight, which I think is the invert you talked of. I hit it a couple of times by going counter clockwise with my palm down, with th crossing over nth and yoyo, but I have heard that may be the wrong one to try. Which version are you doing to complete the trick? I tried the opposite string land, but that confuses me, as my nv drops into the middle. I will keep working on that one, then try this full trick.

Thank you very much.



Do you know Brent stole? If so do you know how to a reverse inverted Brent stole(RIB stole)? It’s pretty much a Brent stole in the opposite direction which ends with your arms crossed.

Same concept here, you’re trying to do ninja vanish in the opposite direction. I think you’re doing it right but I’m not sure just from your description. It’s pretty much the same motion just inverted.

Once you get that down try to understand what’s happening in toledo’s trick. When he pushes onto the 3 strings, he lets go of the loop on his index finger. The momentum from that loop swings over and intersects on top of the string your pinching so the loop starts to swing over the string your pinching forming the loop for a GT, that’s when you cross your NTH over so you guide the string into the gap completing the GT. With whips like this it’s a lot of stuff happening in a moment so understanding how it should work beforehand helps a lot. It will still be a difficult trick to get consistently just because the motion will feel really awkward at first but it’ll start feeling natural eventually.

EDIT: for the inverted ninja vanish I cross both my hands, the yoyo only moves vertically when I perform it, not horizontally. That might help you figure out if you’re doing it right or not


Yes sir, I can do the Brent Stole. I never tried the specified RIB, in its original form, so I can learn that. My problem with the RNV was that it reall never opens the loop going counterclockwise, like it does going clock. I am going to try switching my hand positions to see if that irons it out. I appreciate the explanation to Toledo’s trick. I will try it when I get the RNV down, to make it easier. I will let you know how I progress. Thanks, as always for helping out. I am not a great yoer, or very innovative, but if I can help you with any trick, don’t hesitate to ask.