I just got a konkave bearing for my wooly marmot and i was wandering if you guys think i should lube it.and if you suggest to lube with what kind of lube

It’s all up to you. Honestly, lube is not necessary

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I prefer very light lube.

Since you’re talking about an unresponsive 1A-style yoyo, I recommend either YYJ thin oil or One Drop’s VM4 and use only a tiny bit.

There’s nothing wrong with running the bearings dry, but I prefer a light lube job on there for prolonging the life.

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I run all my bearings dry…

Dry will spin longer but be a bit noisier. Sometimes for a very noisy bearing I will add a drop or even half a drop of light lube just to quite it down a bit.

One of the reasons I run my bearings dry is because I like the noise.

Me too.