Konkave bearings help. bimetal question


i play many years now, but i cant play with konkave bearings. when are 2 layers on strings on the bearing the yoyo comes back (example skin the gerbil, on 2 layers bam it comes back up) or it decreases the spin time very hard. only when i use gloves it doesnt happen that much. Am im i just to dumb to play with this bearing or are there tricks to play with it. how do pro players can play with this bearing. because of this i play center trac bearings. but i really wanna play konkave.


i bought a duncan gtr. do all bitmeal have a little bit of vibe?

thanks for answering the questions.


If using gloves changes how much it snags on you, it’s a technique thing, I think. Your string might also be too thick for the gap of the yoyo you’re using, or the pads are too grippy.

some do, some don’t.


Welcome back! I was putty Kitty fat in a majority of my yoyos but recently started experimenting with other strings and found I was getting more spin with a bunch of string wraps. Maybe you need to find the perfect string for that yoyo.


In addition to what @ChrisFrancz and @MarkD said, make sure the bearing is spinning freely and completely unresponsive before you check anything else. From a sleeper, give it a little tug; if the string starts to wind around the bearing more than just a tiny bit, the bearing probably needs to be cleaned.


hm. i play yoyo since 9 years now. i had 100 yoyos and i clean the bearings often and have different strings but, it still happens even when the pads are broken in. konkave works only when i use gloves or very new strings, after i play a little bit, man at some tricks with layers it shoots back and will bind automaticly.

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I get thin strings from ebay they are great a bit short but they are best for long spin and stuff they ship from China u get white orange or yellow