knight or Kenshin


Hey guys looking for a new yoyo in the $150 range. Does anyone have any exp with the knight or Kenshin. For a while i have been leaning towards the knight but the kenshin came out and i just cant decide! There are almost no reviews on either or them. Has anyone had any experience with the kenshin yet? Thanks!


I bought a b-grade knight a while ago on the BST. It plays SOOOO well, not sure why it is b-grade… Super smooth, grinds really well, very comfortable.
Never used a kenshin. I have a nobunaga and really enjoy it, I would bet anything by sengoku is stupendous!


Originally the ring(s) wasn’t properly fitted. With some hydraulic pressing it looks and plays A-grade

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What’s wrong with mIne?

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The Kenshin is a flat out performer. There are no frills, just smiting power.


Just read yours! Great review!
wasn’t able to read it till now.
prob going to get kenshin! ;D
Thanks guys!


Yep, I have a kenshin, and it’s pretty ridiculous. Plays like a bi metal. Light but spins for ages.