KK or Center Track Bearing

I just got my first metal on Friday, and i often see the string all the way to the left or the right, i know KK or CTB make the yoyo completely unresponsive, but i wonder if it will make binds harder?

centertrack is a week knock off. get a konkave. been throwing them for years and i still love them.

no, they wont make binds harder. and i find that i perfer CTB over KK beacause there more durable, they both have there pros and cons. both are good and will do relativly the same thing. KK keeps you string centered best and CTB allows for more layered tricks.

cool. then i might have a reason to try them after all. i’ve noticed that konkaves do tend bunch up in the middle when there is a whole lot of string segments in them.

so i retract my previous statement.