Kitty Thread

Well, feel free to say what your job is, but it appears my boss’ foster kitten thread jacked me ;D KITTY THREAD, GO!

What does everyone else here do to fund the habbit?

I am going through college for my DVM (doctorate of veterinary medicine) and work at the campus library. One of the librarians knows my major, and that I love animals, so since she fosters animals on her farm, she always lets me watch something on the weekend for her (instead of actual library work ;D)

this weekend, its a few days old kitten (I love cats, and am planning to specialize in feline medicine)

That is an adorable kitten.

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I know, right? This is probably the best day I’ve had at work in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Aw Kitty

kitty!!! are you going to keep it?

Oh man did I want to, but the baby needs a lot of care that my schedule doesn’t allow for, plus the brat cat probably wouldn’t be havin’ it :wink:

She would probably be so jealous, her fur would literally turn green

I know I’m not the only forum member with a job!! Where are my fellow workers?

I’m a musician and sell instruments, build amps and guitars, work on guitars. Mainly just selling guitars these days.

that’s crazy awesome! I used to play guitar so much it was crazy, but then I had to pawn my equipment to help my parents move when my parents lost their jobs.

I’ve been meaning to get back into it too, just lazy and not wanting a cheap guitar

kitty thread hijack plz

I approve, kitty thread is official


Dogs are awesome, but cats are best 8)


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i agree

Cats can play with yoyos better than dogs.


Haha, love the claw caps! I used to help my parents put those on their cats, but one of them developed an infection from the superglue, so now they just stay on top of clipping