Thanks everybody - Teh Kitteh was a nice success

Teh Kitteh raised $2000 overnight for the cat shelter.

I want to publicly thanks everybody who bought them, worked on the project, talked about it, tweeted about it, posted on forums about it, followed it, encouraged it, and even simply thought about it with good hopes. Everybody who took part in any way. You all made it successful. So thanks for helping the kitties.

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I was unable to buy one but my family just took in a stray cat a few weeks ago. We like kittehs =3

Cool. I’m glad you adopted a cat. I think they are very important creatures.
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Mine just scratched me. :frowning: He’s a Main Coon.

My cat is old. :slight_smile: Probably like 13 years. :smiley:

That’s not too old. Some can live into their 20’s
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I actually don’t know the age, was an estimate, maybe 15, but still. Getting along there. :smiley:

The check was sent out today. Thanks again everybody for making this such a great success.
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Great job!


I have not ran over a single cat since you started this- so I’m helping

A little uncalled for?