KENDAMA: What are you throwing today?





Terra LBB with Cushion clear tama.


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Still thowin that Moxon? Niice. Still posting it here in Kendama forum, thats kinda funny. :wink:


how much you want for the freeza?


Sorry, not for sale, I like it too much. :wink:


Some new colors on my Maple and Birch.


how do you like the rwbs compared to hgs?

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Sweets Purpleheart Striped, Homegrown Hickory Ken, Purple silk string with dama mods bearing spinner.

Its fantastic.


I like them both but am leaning to the HG for my favorite.

The annoying thing with Sweets to me is their cushion paint variation. My freeza is great but the latest blue galaxy ‘cushion’ they dropped (far right in pic) is just a simple generic rubber paint that doesn’t play or feel the same to any other cushion I’ve played at all. Then you have the above kiwi and grapefruit which fall in-between. Not near as good as the freeza but not as bad as the galaxy. Seems they are just slapping the label ‘cushion’ on any paint that isn’t pro clear and somewhat rubberized?


Weird. I noticed that the cushion wasn’t as rubbery on my friends hg natty cushion compared to my taffy. Almost seems like it’s a thinner layer and not as grippy. I figured it was due to having less material underneath but in your case that is incorrect.


That’s how my galaxy feels, like it is a much thinner layer of paint but also without the clear coat of paint the freeza has. I got an arctic fade after the freeza and the paint was so bad I sent it back after much debate with thier customer service about the paint not being anywhere near what was on the freeza. It too was very thin and not grippy at all, although they assured me it was cushion paint.


yeah. It might depend on the layers underneath the cushion. Or maybe they changed formulas. I personally like the thinner layers feel better. Not a huge dramatic change from a proclear to a fully rubber ball. My taffy was overkill tacky for a while. Now that I’ve broken it in quite well, it’s Amazing. But I still prefer proclear so the taffy is still a bit much


Hg purple Dino egg. So much nicer in person. The chemeleon flakes are so much brighter


Wrong thread again! Argh!!!


44 RPM Funk. It shares a common feature with all my yoyos – it is a better toy than I am a player.

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Ok, we really need to change the Title of this thread. Can we have it changed to “What Are You Slaying Today?” that way the yoyo guys know that is is the place for Kendama, since as far as I can tell, Slaying is not a yoyo term. :slight_smile:


Black Dino egg homegrown


Jus to got this in! Weight is way off though.