KENDAMA: What are you throwing today?



Nice setup, CaliBuddha! Love the string with that tama, and the GT ken has me drooling as well. Are there purple glitter in the cracks of that wood bench?


Thanks! It’s actually purple sand lol


Short sesh with these today.


With my booger:


WHY YOU LITTLE!!! I want one so bad. How accurate is the color in this photo?


I can’t see your screen to compare the colors to my monitor, but it is pretty close (a little bit more pop in the picture) in the right light. In the right light it almost looks like it is glowing. Mine is also a lunar beast. My favorite kendama so far to both play and look at. Don’t mean to rub it in, just get one if you can!

I also picked up a marble blue cushion to try out their new paint and it certainly helps cushion the landing as my lunar flip percentage rises noticeably when I play with it. Even so I’ll pick the booger 9/10 times.


On an iphone6. It looks so neon. Really want one but kinda hate the big ol price tag.


It is very neon in sunlight and especially under florescent lighting. The price tag is no joke for sure.


whats it’s weight?


152 grams split right down the middle at 76 grams each.


what?! That’s prime!!! I ordered one last night… Hahaha.


Nice! I need to stop looking at instagram so that I won’t see their new releases anymore. :smiley:


yo for real!!! They just keep dropping stuff! I’m also snatched a taffy cushion(really wanna see what that’s all about) and a mystery hg. Good be a good week.


Those Mystery Homegrowns… Really trying to convince myself I don’t need another kendama right now.


i can help convince you… They’re sold out


They’re actually back in stock this morning! Sorry, I’m not helping you convince yourself. =P I saw that last night though as I was looking at their new offerings. I love that they are offering most of the tama only as an option. Well, kinda, because I want to buy them all but what can ya do?


Yeah i’m probably going to grab one of the tamas just to try out the cushion clear finish.


I really wish they had the Arctic and solar tamas for sale. I was gonna get a solar cushion but had to wait and sold out right before I placed my order. So I settled for a taffy.


So what did you end up getting?

I’m hoping they will in the future. They seem fairly responsive to requests. I’m really curious to see if the paint comes off the cushion tamas quickly like my aTack. My Kendama USA silk tama lost its tack quickly, but I haven’t had paint peel. So far I have dropped it on cement a few times and it is more durable for sure, but I haven’t had it long.