KENDAMA: What are you throwing today?


44rpm flat pack. I’m pleased to announce I landed the trick where you hold the tama hole facing up and land the spike in the hole.


Nice, that’s Airplane, good trick!

I’m throwing a natty Ozora tama with a sweets atack painted ken today.

(Erik Kerber ) #43

Space Cowboy

(Amplified) #44

Shout x Bonfuego

(major_seventh) #45

Ha, Erik messed you guys up :stuck_out_tongue: Wrong thread :wink:

(Amplified) #46

That new new


zack yourd pro model


I’m throwing a catchy air kendama


Sweets chameleon marble F3




^Hickory and grapevine…mmm.

Playing with more than just my RWB/KendamaUSA colab, but this is the one I took a picture of today.


That’s awesome man! Be prepared for some fire coming from RWB next month! for those who don’t know…


Got a few things in the post today.

The Krom Viking makes some balance tricks so much easier. Popped up a light house first try and I’m very inconsistent with them. I’m digging it. The sweets paint job is nice and tacky with the rubberwood right away as well.


dude. I love that candy apple!!!


Just got an all Maple Grain Theory Stodd Mod and a Terra LBB. So been playing those.


dude nice! How’s that terra compared to a hg or a GT?


I’ve never had a HG, still on my list to get. The GT is “grainy” the wood isn’t sanded super smooth. Makes it have almost a tacky feel on balance tricks. The Terra maple LBB is super smooth. But it’s larger in size and weight. So it’s a little different, but it’s a lot of fun.

I’m not good at all, so I may be the wrong person to ask. But I have fun with them ;D


Nice! A GT will probably my next kendama purchase. I really want hickory ken and ash tama combo.

What do you think about your GT, Heero?


I love it but don’t. It’s lunar balance is crazy. So easy to pull up to lunar strung through the worm hole. Doing turns with it is a breeze as well. However, I don’t love it in any other aspect. I feel the string gets in the way too much. Specially under lighthouses and lunars. The swoop def makes a difference in balance.

It’s weight is a little light for me. Ken at 69 and tama at I think around 61 if I remember correctly. Haven’t broken it in yet so I don’t really have a full review on it yet. It’s def unique. I may string it normally and see how I enjoy it then. My opinion, not worth shelling out the extra money.


61g tama? I’m guessing you got cherry. I wouldn’t base judgement on GT just by that one. Get a maple Stodd mod, or any other Stodd for that matter. Also, I wouldn’t use the wormhole but that’s just my opinion.