KENDAMA: What are you throwing today?




Sweets aTack Complete today!


I still need to try one of those


Homegrown day


I’ve been only using my Terra Pill since getting it. I took out one of my Kendama’s and after about 5 minutes I put it away and went back to the Pill. I’m starting to find myself liking the Pill more than Kendama :slight_smile:


Kendama Master!


Red Wine Kaizen today!


Catchy Air


Brought a Sunrise to the office this morning.


Grey Stain Sweets


Just got this DealWithIt Maple Natty in today. Looking forward to breaking it in.


Kaleb kendama bamboo stripes.


Krom Walnut W/ Rubberwood Tama! Such a nice weight on these.


Sweets Homegrown - Maple W/ Walnut Stripe

New favorite kendama, haven’t been able to put this thing down!


Catchy Air again. Finally learning some new things.


Garrett, how light is the walnut ken in comparison to other kens you have in your arsenal (beech, mahogany, etc)?

My throw for today is a KenUSA Colin Sander custom ProMod.


The Walnut ken is definitely on the heavier side. I don’t have it with me to get an exact weight but it’s significantly heavier than beech or maple and pretty close in weight to mahogany. If you’re looking for a heavier kendama it’s a great choice.

Throwing the Maple stripe Homegrown again today!


That’s interesting, the Krom walnut ken i tried (Iji’s) was nearly as light as sassafras, wayy lighter than beech or maple. I liked the weight, wanted to get one as a daily jammer, but now i need to make sure with Krom.

Back to the Musou today!


Weird, I’ll try to remember to weigh mine when I get a chance.

Natty Ozora Today!


I’ll get this started back up! Heart breaker a tack today!