Kendama string tip!

Hey guys! So I found that most Kendama string tends to be very “flat” and tend to get twisted up very easily.
I’ve found that using a roll of diabolo string is honestly better than any kendama string!
I use the Sundia Thin string in yellow. Its very durable, semi stiff so it holds nice loops. Its round, and braided tightly.
And It also come in 50m rolls for about 10 bucks! Thank god I an out of Kendama string, and that i have 6 rolls of Diabolo string haha!
Have fun! -Ume

I also realized that diabolo string would be a good substitute. Holds tension well and is very durable.

Hey, I like my satin string! I got a few rolls of it. I’m really not too picky though as long as it’s a proper length. I’ve done pretty well with getting out of tangles on the fly.

How thick is diabolo string? It looks like it would be thicker than the standard kendama strings.

Only a tad thicker, and in my experience it just works out better due to thickness. The tension definitely is a ton better than kendama string. The Thickness is off putting at first, but one gets used to it very quickly.
Also, lucky for me i found one other benefit. You can customize your string length much better with Diabolo sting :slight_smile:

I think the string on my kendama is to long, what’s the proper length?

Put the tama on the spike. The leftover string hanging under the basecup should be about 2-4 finger lengths. I prefer around 2.5

Cool, i’m sure I can find some around here, i’ll have to give it a try!

yeah same, around 2-3 fingers seems to be the perfect length for me.