Ken replacement?


Meaning, how do I know if I need a new one? I’ve had to file the spike on mine a couple times and the rims of the cups are starting to look a bit mashed, but I have no idea if this means it needs replacing. Also, what kind of maintenance can be done to prolong the life of a ken?


It’s personal preference really, if your happy with the performance then keep using it.  If you feel the tama isn’t sitting in the cups very well or the balance is off from filing the spike then just pick up a new one.  Sweets sells kens individually:

For maintenance:
A drop of superglue on the tip will help prolong the lifespan.

And if you notice the sara (crosspiece with big/small cup) slipping down a little you can rip the sticky part of a sticky note and wrap it between the two pieces for a quick and effective fix.  Some tapes can also work for that too, anything not too thick.


Thanks for the tips! I have one of those kens on the way to keep on standby.