Kawaii.kaede feedback thread

Traded a 5 star for a OG Yeti, quick communication and lightning fast shipping. Don’t hesitate trade with this good member of the community

Thank you again, treat that 5 star good, anyone in the community will tell you how highly I think of General yo, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you get it


Thank you so much mr kretzschmar. i am guessing that this is my feedback thread now for ever!

To everybody that will comment here one day, thank you for sharing your yoyo with me! you are all such nice people and thank you for trusting me to trade your yoyos with me!!!



I made a high value trade with kawaii.kaede and it went great! They are very responsive, communicate well about what they have to offer, and provided tons of pictures. They shipped very quickly once we made a deal and they even threw in an extra for me.

I appreciate all of your help with the trade and international shipping details as well @kawaii.kaede - can’t wait to see what you think of your new throw as well when it arrives! :innocent:

Highly recommended BST member!