Kansas State YoYo Contest. NEWS! May 3rd, 2014!


Saturday, May 3rd. Stay tuned for more info on location, format, and festivities!!!


Yay, fixed axle division! Hope someone grabs some footage.


A BIG shout out to our sponsor companies that have already signed up! Check them out!

Kansas Children’s Discovery Center
Square Wheels YoYo Company
Kitty Strings
Hildy Bros. YoYos


I live in lawrence and would love to come do people need to sign up ahead of time or is it just show up and go. Thank you.


There will be registration online, but you can always register from 10am-11am on the day of the contest!


New sponsors One Drop YoYos and Go Big Skill Toystore!

I’m happy to announce there will be CASH prizes for the 1A and Open champions!


Right on! Sounds like it’s shaping up to be quite the event!


Thank you to Yomega and Spintastics for coming through to sponsor our 2013 contest!

Just added: Spin Top Ladder!


So many sponsors have signed up this year that I had to modify the website just to fit all of them in. From a prize standpoint, this is going to be a great year.


Thank you Jason (mrcnja) for doing such an awesome job on our website! It’s been a lot of work as we’ve had many changes in a short amount of time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at this contest!


Registration and music upload are now open!

Let me know if anything breaks.


Thank you Caribou Lodge YoYo Works for volunteering to send some of your amazing products to the great plains!

This is CLYW’s second year sponsoring our event!


I really want to try my best to go.


Big article up on prizes for Kansas States Fixed Axle and exclusive charity yoyos! Check it out!


Kansas States is just a little over two weeks away! We have some amazing prizes including $200 CASH for the winners of 1A and Open!

Registration is up at http://www.ksstateyoyo.com. We’ll see you soon!


Hey all!

I’m happy to announce that we will be doing a pre-contest grill out at the Schultze residence again this year! Come on out and enjoy some time yoyoing and eating together!

Friday, May 3rd @ 6PM. 14520 Horton St Overland Park, KS 66223. Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chips, and Bottle Water will be provided. Please bring a side dish, dessert, or drink to share! Last year we had plenty of extra food, so don’t be shy!

If you plan on coming out, please contact Blake Freeman via ksstateyoyo@gmail.com so we can get an accurate head count!


New sponsor alert!!!

Thank you to Sweets Kendamas for signing on!


We have set the date of Saturday, May 3rd for Kansas States! Stay tuned for news about big changes to our location, contest format, and festivities!

You’re not going to want to miss this one!



Big news regarding Kansas States in this post!

Our format for 1A will be changing this year. Preliminaries will be 60 seconds clicked 80% technical 20% performance. The top 8 (or top 7 + highest placing Kansas Resident) will be seeded into a battle bracket.

The bracket will consist of 3 rounds -
Elite 8 - 60 Seconds
Final Four - 90 Seconds
Championship/Consolation Round - 120 Seconds

In each round the top seed will face the lowest seed, and so on.

We will have three judges assigned to the bracket each responsible for judging two different aspects of the performance:

Chris Neff - Technicality and Cleanliness
Ben Conde - Performance and Stage Presence
Spencer Berry - Originality and Trick Composition

I have chosen our judges due to their strengths and history in the yoyo community. Each judge will be responsible for scoring 1-10, with .5 points factored in. After each performance, judges scores will be tabulated, then a composite score will be revealed allowing the next competitor (higher seed) to see the score that they need to beat.

We will also be having an Open (2A-5A) championship, judge 80/20 with 2 minute freestyles.

Each winner of these divisions will receive a CASH PRIZE as well as a trophy and bragging rights!

Other divisions include:
Fixed Axle
Sport Ladder
Spin Top
Novice Ladder

We are really looking forward to this contest! Please check out all details on location, entry prices, and rules at www.ksstateyoyo.com

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I heard you guys are selling nomads there . Can I get one?