Kaiju kendama

Didn’t even know these existed. Puts my Terra LBB to shame lol
Next to a regular sized ken.


Great artwork to boot!!!

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Those are really pretty. I’m not into Kendama, but if I were this is what I would buy

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This thing would give you an actual workout I imagine. I hardly ever play kendama so I"m not sure if this is pure novelty or if it would actually be fun to use.

These def are a workout, your forearms are killed by the end of it especially doing Tama tricks.

The upside is things feel like they’re going extra slow and landing stuff on it is way easier, the downside is that doing something like a juggle makes you feel like you’re gonna impale yourself or something around you


I bet. My pointy kens have left tiny bruises on the top of my hand. These would really spike down!
Are they fun enough to get one?

If you can jam and do lunars I def recommend it, its a whole different spin on the game. Although when you do go back to a regular kendama it totally throws you off.


Funny thing is, I only got a kendama to do lunars. Took me 1 month to land my 1st one. Don’t limit me too much as I only played 15 minutes a couple days a week lol. But it’s still my favorite trick. I’ve even landed a lunar ‘tre’ I think it’s called, doing lunar flips, once. Thanks for the advice.

I understand throwing you off. Just going from a light setup to a heavier one throws me off for a bit in play. I can only imagine the difference to a Kaiju!