Usually yoyo but injury has forced Kendama Time!!

It seems that yoyo is my main squeeze but last week when weather went nuts here in the midwest, i slipped and fell on the ice. I thought it was just wet and was in for a rude awakening on my way down. I only hurt one singe thing on my body thankfully, but sadly it was the middle finger of my throw hand. Now any time it swings side to side, making a fist is fine, or any pressure like trying to pop a knucke is very painful. Its MUCH better now but ill be out of throwing for a while still.
I recently picked up a Sweets HG Purpleheart Stripe with Hickory ken and have been jamming ever since. Just wanted to express my thankful-ness to the Kendama as a tool and the community. Its really helping my legs strengthen up and my knees havnt felt this good in years! I feel its good for my body.
The challenge is REAL! I know you all know this, but kendama is So much harder than yoyo! haha I really love it though. The girnd to reward is fairly balanced I think. Just hit my first Around the USA and stupid stoked about that. Been drilling it for a week straight. have not been abbe to hit it again so around europe satiates my lust for progress in the mean time. lunar? Pffft, maybe next year ahha

No real point, just wanted to say thanks for being. And if you are reading this, Thank you too!

OH Man! I hope you get better soon.

Enjoy the Kendama but wow, what a way to get into it.

Nothing like a good injury to get you into different skills! I didn’t learn to loop consistently with my left hand until I injured my right hand. Got pretty good at kendama with my left hand during that time too!

Sucks to hear about your injury and lack of yoyo, but it’s good you get to practice some more dama. I’ve been obsessed with dama lately since I’ve been progressing. Great job with around USA. I hadn’t tried one since the last time I landed it which was a month ago. After 10 minutes during lunch, and 10 minutes after dinner, I finally got a clean one. I was pretty much drenched due to the wood stove being 3 feet away from me by this point. As you said. The grind is real but the reward is handsome.

Ps. After I laced around USA, I sat down on the couch to tell my fiancée about some other tricks I almost laces(one turn lunar. Practice. You’ll get it), I pulled a yank spike on my second try. You never know when it’ll happen. But it will.

Ouch, I’m cringing just thinking about it. Take two kendamas and call me in the morning! Looping with my off-hand has always been my default, but now I’m sure it would be kendama. Lunars look really silly anyway, so we need not be jealous. I only want to learn them to mock other kendama players with inappropriate usage.