Just won 5 free tickets to creation fest!


I was caller 10 on joy 102.5 and won 5 tickets to creation fest! SO my q is anyone else going? The tickets are expensive, but if you are pm me!


Is that the thing in Ocean City Maryland?


Actually it’s in mount union PA. But I was in my way home from OC :smiley:


Nice lucky you! i wont be going but i heard its lots of fun!


yeah ive never been but it always looked cool :slight_smile:


I live like an hour from it. I just never went because I didn’t feel like spending the money for it.


What is it?


It’s a Christian music festival. From the “Purpose” section of the Creation Festival Northeast website, “To present the Gospel through music, teaching and any other creative means so that those attending will be drawn to salvation and discipleship in Christ.”


As a child I was forced (very thoroughly) into religion. My mother dragged me to “Creation Fest”. All I can say in the public forum is that it wasn’t what I was expecting and I absolutely wouldn’t do it again (not because of my beliefs, but because of my common sense and ideas about human rights).

OP, if you’d like to hear my full impressions, feel free to PM me. I promise I won’t try to convert or corrupt you, but I may be able to convince you to sell those tickets.


I figured it was probably a Christian music festival. I’ve been to a couple in Michigan, and they were great.