just want some opinions

hey i was gonna get a hectic, an i was wanderin,wat
colour shoud i get and wat colour string, oh and wats better,
having a small bearing or large bearing coz colour also
depends on that becoz they got diferent colours in different
bearing sizes.

heyy buddy lol
i reckon all black wth those 4 coloured strings
wit for green ayy
wateva though
i mainly just wanted to say hi lol

Im a huge fan of black yoyos. With green string. Just look at my fav yo.

I think you should get a large bearing here are the differences:

-Small bearings with a narrower gap allow for tight binds even when the yo-yo is spinning at low RPM. Many 5A players find the small bearing more suitable for their play.
-Large bearing is the more traditional gap width now and allows for more string layers.

The yoyo is still good which ever one you choose.