Just wanna rave about Bbdave for a bit

(Spinworthy Glen) #1

So I traded with Bbdave and this guy went really above and beyond to make good on the deal.

The trade was my three mint Yoyofficer yoyos if he buys and ships me 6 Duncan Butterflies.

It turns out that the butterflies were really hard to find. He drove all around the place to different stores to source them. It took him days.

When he finally managed to find them, he got me eight instead of the agreed upon six.

Finally, it cost him about $75 to ship them! But Bbdave being a man of his word, didn’t pull out and shipped them anyway.

This is a man of integrity. Kudos, Bbdave.


Thanks for the shout out!!! If anyone is hesitant about dealing overseas, Glen is the guy to deal with!