Just to get Eli Hops question straight:

When you do it why do some people say that it’s supposed to go outwards and not upwards? Both YYE and another website have it going up only.

I do mind kinda outward but yet upward. Not sure if that helps
but I honestly don’t know why.

To do an upward eli hop all you have to do is pull apart your hands. Plus, it’s much harder to do consistently which is why pros never do them straight up in competition.

Outwards eli hops take a little more control and practice it seems. They look better in my opinion. But once you get them down you’ll never miss one :wink:

No no no no, don’t get me wrong; I have these down already, they’re easy. Just wondering why some say it has to be done outward in a video thread.

Oh nice.

Nah, that’s just their opinion (mine too)