Just three guys all jazzed up in their nicest black tuxedos




Who’s that in the middle?


NSCO Helix ^^

This may be the most beautiful thing ever. I love the black and silver colorway. The amount of want I have for the things in this picture is intense.


Those look amazing!!!


Lookin Good Man !! :wink:




Great… adds envy to list of deadly sins committed today



Think I’m just doing black and silver from here on out.


If I had those Id be feel satisfied and complete with my collection ;D

…for this year anyways :smiley:


Please do! Some of that matte black grind powder with polished accents. Actually…that’s not a bad idea for my Prominence ;D Though I like the many angular lines and powder would probably cover them up :frowning:

There must always be a hunt!